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May 1, 2014

Throwback Thursday

Today is Thursday which means one more work day and then we play!!
Here's some old photos I came across and so fitting since it's throwback Thursday!

Hope you all have an amazing day!

Apr 15, 2014

Getting older

There's been a lot of talk through social media and between friends about getting old and as I get closer towards the big 3-0, I'm wondering why people are always dreading the fact of getting old.
Trying to reduce the wrinkles, changing the inevitable grey hair and the hopes of reconstructing their body to make things look as they did years ago.
When I was 10, I used to think 21 was old, heck I used to think 18 was old.
In July I'll be 29.
I definitely don't feel old and sometimes I forget I'm not 18 anymore.
I still feel young even though the numbers are not decreasing.
As a child, time almost seems to stand still.
I remember going out to play and hours would pass by.
I wouldn't have a clue or a care in the world about what time it was.
My curfew was when the sun went down.
I remember many times very vividly, laying on our freshly mowed lawn on bright summer days, staring up at the sky.
I would watch the clouds go by and wonder how they could move so swiftly and smoothly across that clear blue sky.
I always used to think that those who had passed away lived in the sky and whenever I saw clouds moving, I thought that the angels were taking their daily stroll in Heaven.
I often wondered where they were going and if my Great Grandma and Aunt liked taking walks in the clouds too.
I laid there for what seemed like an eternity.
Time was never an issue, there was not a care in the world.
As I got older, there were schedules, time limits, deadlines, due dates which in turn caused stress.
Everything and everyone always seemed to be racing against time.
I often yearn for my younger, carefree days but in getting older I take pride and feel as though getting older is a privilege.
Those wrinkles are well deserved.
The knowledge I have and will continue to attain only come with time and age.
I embrace it.
I hope to be able to see my kids grow up and watch our family grow and prosper.
To be able to teach our children all we can and hope that they learn from the knowledge I've acquired.
I can't wait for the day that my children accomplish great milestones.
I savor each and every moment with them because I know these stages of their lives won't last forever.
The great thing I take comfort in is that although these stages won't last forever, our family will.
The eternal perspective for me and my posterity is so great and the desire to rear my children in all things good, wholesome and  Christ-like is my biggest and greatest goal. 
Getting old isn't a bad thing.
It's a wonderful thing.
It is an honor and a privilege we should embrace rather than despise or fear.
I love the thought of growing old with my Lovey.
How do you feel about getting older?
What are your biggest fears and goals you wish to accomplish in life?
Have a great day everyone!

{Photo taken by: Sodapop Photography}

Apr 14, 2014

Telling your story...

I was reading an article at lunch the other day and it sparked my interest.
The article talked about what you remember as a child and how
much of an impact you, as a parent, can have at creating vivid memories that your 
children retain.
I have VERY vivid memories from up until I was 4 years old but that goes hand in hand with my crazy imagination and I can also attribute it a lot to my father who helped us create great memories as children.
Although I cannot say the same for my adolescent years, my childhood memories were the best.
He encouraged make believe and usually would build us houses out of boxes, igloos during snow days, make race tracks out of cardboard for our cars and let us enjoy our childhood.
It talked a lot about children having the ability to recall and make sense of memories from daily life.
It also talked about how parents played a big role in helping determine not just how many
early memories children can remember but how children interpret and learn from the events of their earliest experiences.
I loved it, I loved that it basically said to step away from social media and after a family event, activity or trip
to ask your children open ended questions to build a conversation 
and to see how much they retained when asked about something they did.
This also helps build relationships and conversation.
My kids have very wild imaginations and remind me a lot of
when I was growing up.
The great thing about being a parent is you can tweak whatever happened in your own childhood
and help create opportunities for your children to learn, build and grow far more than
you were able to.
Experience is everything.
Experience helps mold you.
Memories are something I hold dear.
Especially when they're memories of someone that is no longer here physically.
My question I pose to you is, how do you view your story?
How do you tell your stories to others?
How many memories have you been able to retain as well as small details about them?
Have you been able to create great stories or are you stuck in the mundane routine of life?
Have you become so desensitized to living life that you're forgetting to stop and smell the roses or taking in the warm sky and the sunshine on your face?
I hope you are painting vivid, wild and beautiful stories.
After all everyone has a story to tell and it really is up to us on how we choose to tell it.
I hope you all have a wonderful Monday.

Apr 8, 2014

Blended families and Romance...

My boys are so funny and goofy. 
They love to say things and if they get reactions from others then they will keep doing it.
My little ones have picked up some habits that I'm not too fond of but it doesn't help because there are so many people around them, all the time, that if someone laughs, they'll say or do it over and over again.
Kendric says,  "stupid." and Jack says, "shut it!"
I don't like when they say it but being around their grandparents 24/7, they tend to get away with a lot more than they should.
When they know they're in trouble, they'll run to Nana and Papa's room because they know I won't go in there.
Terds, I tell you.
The thing I miss most about North Carolina, was I had the final say.
There were no if's, and's or but's.
They listened.
Living with your in-laws has its ups and downs, let's be honest.
I'm truly grateful for all that they have done for us and are a tremendous help but
the family dynamics can be a bit different when living in a household of eleven people.
My husband and I joked the other night because he talked about families living in one room huts in Samoa and they were just fine.
I looked at him as I chuckled and said, "Yes, and look how romantic Samoans are!"
We laughed and realized it's time to leave the nest!
Just for the record I love my culture but I'm being real when I say they don't exactly know the meaning of romance.
Or maybe it's just a little different because they're constantly in survival mode.
I don't remember my parents ever going on date nights or having a couple's getaway.
Well maybe that's because one: they may not have liked each other seeing as they are divorced and two: we were broke as a joke which is probably what led to them not liking each other.
I can look back on my adolescent years and laugh now because
I've learned so much.
I wasn't lying when I said that my life is full of "what not to do".
I learned from my parents of what I didn't want and what I wouldn't compromise.
So anyway, what kind of family are you a part of?
Have you ever had to live with your parents or in-laws while married at one point?
I'd love to hear stories because I'm sure we can all relate on one level or another!
Have a great day everyone and boy have I missed writing.
I promise little bloggy blog, I won't neglect you any more!

Apr 3, 2014

Smiles for Miles

I've been holding off on writing this post since I found out last Monday morning of the tragic news of my dear friend Miles.

There are so many emotions and so many thoughts that run through my head.
My initial reaction was shock.
I couldn't believe it.
I wouldn't believe it.
She weighed heavy on my mind the whole day.
I just talked to her two days before.
At work I found myself laughing thinking of a memory and then I would cry.
I found myself checking her Instagram and Facebook, hoping for some clever and witty post or comment.
I still find myself wondering her last thoughts, wondering if it was instant.
Wondering of the pain or fear she may have felt right before.
Then I realize that is not what I should be focusing on.
I know where she is and I know she is at peace.
I know her reunion with her amazing father was sweet.
I know that because of the ultimate sacrifice Christ made for us, He was able to
loose the bands of death so that we may have everlasting life through the atonement.
I know that families can be together forever.
I know she was a faithful, beautiful daughter of God and with that brings peace.
Although I have this knowledge, the pain and hurt still subsides.
Miles always made me laugh and made me realize that life is grand!

She always told me she was a princess and would ask if we really have to grow up?
She was a child at heart, smart, funny and although short in height everything about her was larger than life.

She noticed all.
She paid attention to the little details.
I think this described her best!
Her words and writing were what connected us together.
When she lost her father 9 years ago, we became close.
You see, Miles is my son's aunt on his dad's side.
We weren't supposed to be close.
My son's dad and I were going through a separation.
Isn't that awkward?
Not for Miles.
She loved ALL and accepted everyone.
 She had a way of making even the outcasts feel at home and loved.
She poured her heart out onto paper. 
I loved it.
I admired her honesty and the way she could carefully craft such well written lines.
She wrote this clever piece seven years ago.
I know in my heart, it was a tender mercy for us to keep.
I am grateful.
We emailed, talked and she welcomed me with open arms when I stopped by the house to say hello
and when we ran into each other while attending the U.
Her tiny frame, her high pitched voice, the way she scrunched her nose when she talked.
I miss it all.

I miss her dearly and yet I know she's near.
I know the veil is thin and I know the Plan of Salvation is real.
I know each day from here on out will vary.
Grieving has a weird way of showing itself and sometimes it can hit you like a ton of bricks.
Everyone grieves differently but in the end we know that we were sent here to earth to learn, to face trials, to know sadness and pain only to truly feel joy and happiness.
I've truly been blessed to have an amazing person such as Miles come into my life
and place a huge imprint in my heart.
Although the tears may flow from time to time, just know I'll smile for you Miss Miles because you wouldn't have it any other way.
May your dances with your father be sweet, may your butterfly kisses be plenty and God be with you till we meet again my friend.
Come visit me through the wind and the trees.
Drop me a rainbow or two.
I hope you stay with me
as I face trials and conquer them just as you always knew I could.
Thank you for helping me open my eyes to see my potential and how life was supposed to be.
I'll take bike rides and grab slurpees just for you.
I'll savor in all the beauty that's around me.
Though dark skies and sadness may arise, life is beautiful and sweet.
I'll share with my children your zest for life and help them embrace their youth.
I miss you and love you to the moon and back.
Thank you for saving me from my emotional drowning I was in so many years ago.
Thank you for helping me find my way and 
for being the crutch I needed to heal my heavy heart.

I hope you all continue to share with those around you, your love and appreciation for them.
Don't take people and things for granted for tomorrow is never promised.
Rest in peace Miss Miles.

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